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Devil’s Dollmaker

Sam Mullins used to make dolls.
Then one day his wife gave birth, and
Sam had welcomed into the world a baby girl,
the most precious doll he could ask for.
They named her Annabelle. She was their world.
But that was then. Now they’re paying the price
for not being able to let her go.



ATOMIC BLONDE – 8.8 of 10

Sex and the Coldest City

1989 Berlin is in chaos.
An MI6 agent was just murdered.
Sensitive intel is now in the hands of the KGB.
A double agent code-named “Satchel” is leaking
MI6 information to the Soviets like a garden hose.
Special agent Lorraine Broughton is dispatched
into the Cold City with a simple objective:
Secure the List at any cost.



BAYWATCH – 8.3 of 10

Everything’s Better in a Red Swimsuit.

Lt. Mitch Buchannon isn’t your typical lifeguard.
And new recruit Matt Brody definitely isn’t
your typical two-time Olympic gold medalist.
Throw these two together and things get wild.
Add some push-up swimwear and a newly drug-
infested bay to the mix? Now you’ve got a comedy.



THE DARK TOWER – 5.5 of 10

Be Careful What You Dream.

Jake’s shine is strong. He dreams about
people he’s never met, things he’s never seen,
places he’s never been. When the Man In Black
sends fake skins to take him away, Jake steps
into a portal between worlds in search of a man
who he thinks can help, a legendary warrior
from one of his dreams: the Last Gunslinger.




This is War.

Caesar is on the big screen again,
and he’s no longer calling off his apes.
This time around, it’s a blood feud,
and the leader of the apes is
hellbent on vengeance.


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