How Movies Are Review’d on UNEXPECT

Weekly movie reviews on UNEXPECT are keyed-down relaxed takes on movies as experiences. The tone of the review will vary between films, but the point isn’t to slice and dice or complain about how the movie didn’t fit our highest expectations. Don’t overthink it. Was it enjoyable? What was the quality like? How was it delivered? These three simple questions are all that is used to determine a rating for movies reviewed on this blog. UNEXPECT reviews movies as art. Not all art is created alike. Not everyone will always relate. Some art very beautiful, and some is meant to convey a less attractive message.

Enjoyability: This one’s pretty straightforward. An enjoyable horror flick is obviously quite a different experience from an enjoyable romance, but in the end, the question is in the name. Was the movie enjoyable?

Quality: This one probably deserves a touch of explanation. This section is focused on the aspects of production that can generally be held to a standard of good or bad without encroaching on the artistic leeway of the film: FX, cinematography, sound, etc. However, to be included in this category at the reviewer’s discretion are components much more open to interpretation—things like story, actor performances, score, and dialogue. Again, the point is not to over-analyze or excessively critique, but in combination these elements create of feel of Quality (or lack thereof) in a film.

Delivery: Pretty simple. Delivery is how the movie comes off. Was it dynamic and scintillating? Did it keep you on the edge of your seat? Or did it fall flat? Was it more on the dreary side, leaving you yawning and fidgeting? Delivery is arguably one of the components most likely to make or break a movie for the audience. To put it another way, when the various parts of a movie all come together to tell the story and it works, that’s a well-delivered movie.

Each movie is given a rating between one and ten for each of the three elements mentioned above. The average of these three ratings is the overall rating posted for the movie. Here’s a look at the number scale:

1 – Unforgivable. I want my money back.

2 – Um, was that supposed to be that terrible?

3 – Very disappointing.

4 – Didn’t come off like they hoped. Maybe a reboot?

5 – That wasn’t bad, but I probably won’t watch it again.

6 – All things considered, I enjoyed it.

7 – I recommend this movie.

8 – This is a classic. I’ll be watching this for years to come.

9 – Wow. Can I watch that again? Right now?

10 – It really doesn’t get any better than this.


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