UNEXPECT: Dawn of the Blog

Michael Scott is excited about this post. Are you?

Welcome to UNEXPECT, everyday lifestyle blog—a kind of super engaging online diary, if you will. Don’t be fooled, though. You can’t put UNEXPECT in one category. I post whatever I want. Think individualistic. A few other words come to mind—creative, imaginative—but this isn’t a vocab lesson. This blog won’t be the nothing but boring self-help articles and lifestyle stuff kind. Half of those articles, if we’re honest, just end up being a waste of time anyway. You might start out thinking you want to read it, then at a certain point maybe you even feel compelled to finish what you started, but in the end, well. None of that here.

This is blog counterculture, and it’s just the beginning. I only post if it’ll add a touch of awesomeness to this already super slick site (any points for triple alliteration?). Let’s put it this way. Some the stuff posted here might have something to do with lifestyle topics from time to time. This post just happens to be one of those, and here’s your first lifestyle tip: read this blog. Read it often and read it good. Your life will be better. Conflict of interest, you say? Nonsense.

By the way, since I have your attention, you should take a moment to savor this experience. No, no, not your butt cheek cramping because you’ve been sitting on your ass too long. That’s your own doing. I mean me. Here. This post. You’re looking at the first post—the VERY first post—ever to grace the page of the UNEXPECT blog. Well, the screen. Screen is a better choice of words, but old adages die hard. And I did say diary earlier, which makes it even more fitting. Plus paper has so much more soul. . .

Anyway, back to topic. Right here. Important moment. If you’re not feeling exquisitely lucky—ecstatic even—that somehow in the midst of this chaotic cosmos you find yourself here, just wait: the sensation will set in. A small percentage of users may experience delayed development of this feeling.

UNEXPECT is your one stop shop for all your blog-reader needs. Little o’ this, little o’ that; some content practical, some just plain old fun, but all enjoyable and guaranteed to send you off with a smile on your face. Okay, look, you won’t leave crying anyway. But if you did, it’d probably be because that’s EXACTLY what I wanted. Getting the picture? Better get used to it. You’re never gonna know what to expect from this blog (see title). Except awesome. You can expect that. You have my permission.

Here’s to hoping you and yours come back from time to time and hang out with me in this small corner of the Web. Oh, I hope you enjoy your time here too, of course. But you’re welcome to come back, even if you don’t. 😉


Happy reading.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the first episode of “Poison of Heroes”See link above.

P.P.S. (Yes, that’s a thing) I’m kinda proud of myself that I typed “diary” twice (3x now) and it never came out “dairy”. It’s the little things, people.


  1. I totally disagree with absolutely everything you’ve said! Except the parts that make sense… but, there aren’t many of those either. Well, possibly there are, but I didn’t really read the whole thing. Can a dude get a TL;DR around here or is that too much to ask of an erudite elitist?

    Keep U N E X P E C T orating, my friend. Too bad this isn’t a podcast or that pun would have been supremo!

  2. This comment can’t decide if it’s funny, snarky. condescending, critical, incoherent, brilliant, or corny. This is the perfect blog for you. Welcome to UNEXPECT. 🙂

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